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Time for Transition
Time for Review 

Emergence of the Whole of Who You Are

Women ~ Wake Up! It's our time. 

This 6-month program is about mentoring, coaching, facilitating and advocating. You will start a love circle for women. You will use your gifts to advocate for the wilderness, to be a voice for the sacred earth. You will receive 6 New Moon 1:1 sessions with Grandmother Kaariina, 6 Full Moon Mastery Classes with experienced facilitators, access to their bundles, and an invitation to participate in the Gaian Mandala Full Moon Meditation, and create your own Earth Healing Bundle.

This is how you make a difference.

Registration is now open for the next course taking place from November 2022 to April 2023.


Grandmother Kaariina Natalie Saarinen M Ed Coun. carries the vibration of Sisu from her Finnish roots. She brings over 40 years of educational and lived experiences to this inner ground. Kaariina rises with a clarity of souls purpose and offeres capacities to empower others to live their purpose. Grandmother Kaariina is a community builder, a sacred space holder, a Sacred Wheel carrier, a spiritual teacher from lineages of transmissions, rituals, ceremonies.

Grandmother Kaariina of the Turquoise Heart carries the obsidian moon pipe, grounding gender equality in tobacco smoke. She is masterful in the medicines that she brings to sweat lodges, circles, councils and reiki trainings. A Shield Carrier, her Turquoise Eagle drum, calls us to the heartbeat of ONENESS, answering the prayers of her Reindeer Ancestors.

The sacred wheels are turning! Come! We will see you all the way through.

Kaariina has gathered 6 powerful women goddess warriors to facilitate the full moon mastery sessions.  And here they are:

Journey Through the Sacred Wheels

Your Own Individual
Medicine Wheel


First Month

Building the Foundation

Each woman has a birthright. This is a calling to take her stand in the center of her own individual medicine wheel. Though the wheel has universal principles, and is a passport through aboriginal cosmology, each wheel contains the woman's unique wild components.

The Abundance Wheel:

Authenticity is Prosperity


Fourth Month

Ancestral Gifts

Authentic abundance is a gift from the corn people. It is the prosperity of the seeds of squash. It is the medicine of the eyes of the potato. We all have a garden inside and outside. When we start tending to the dark soil, nutrifying the Earth itself, we realize our full abundance has been waiting for us. Time to say yes, come through this portal.

The Grief Wheel:
Warrior Training


Second Month

The New Moon Dive

Long ago, beyond mankind time, we were warriors. We were protectors of those of us who meditate a way to a new future. This wheel is a calling to stand in the confusion, to realize the feeling of fear, to dive into the depths of despair, and to fiercely engage in the rage, and rise as a warrior for the bloodlines.

The Transformation Wheel:
Time for Action


Fifth Month

Advocacy for the Wild Earth

We shift from fear into love and love is our action. There is alchemy in taking action. The purpose of word is to set our target with clarity and precision. The air waits for us. The fire is our passion to act. The water is our emotional body healing in the tides of the moon, and the Earth is our purpose. This is where we really play with the elemental wheel.

The Scarcity Wheel:
Healing Ancestral Pain


Third Month

Medicine in the Shadows

We all tend to view the future through a limited lens. That limitation keeps us in scarcity. It lives right beneath the grief of feeling disconnected from our ancestral pain and our ancestral birthright. we walk this wheel to feel through the pain and reclaim the treasures. You will emerge.

The Commitment Wheel:
Welcome to Community


Sixth Month

Sister Circles

We are now facilitators. We are weavers of the great spirit. We have many hands to weave the ways of our actions and to expand them into a global vision. At this time on the planet, our creature teachers breed according to the amount of feminine energy infusing the bio-field of our commitment of womb to womb to womb to love. We are moving into right relationship with the Earth.

This six moons mentoring program has an anthem.  It is called Sweet Earth, offerred as a gift from Carrie Tree and Sandrayati Fay.  We invite you to listen to it, to sing it, for every full moon, we will be sharing Sweet Earth.

The opportunity to invest in yourself and your wisdom will be from $1,333USD to $3,333USD.  Each can be offered in three specific commitments. Ask Grandmother Kaariina for particulars. See below to book your intake journey.

Do you hear the call?


CoCreavitalitas is my life's work. It's a response to a summons that I had in 1987 for women in the world. I had a strong dream in which a turquoise butterfly emerged from a brown cocoon, spun by a light blue caterpillar. I realized in my personal, my intimate, my professional, and in my authentic realities that I was that butterfly.


After 35 years of journeying in that metamorphosis, I have been honored to touch the lives of thousands of women, young and old, multiple-colored, all of them asking: "How do I fulfill my soul's purpose on Earth?".

​This journey is for those who have heard the call of Mama Gaia. She has whispered, she has roared, she has shouted, she has screamed, she has blown us wide open to realize we are her. Take a deep look. A deep look within your heart to realize that you, too, are the answers. You, too truly need to re-wild the soul, and the soul body of all women. Let's bring our sisters to the circles. Let's turn these wheels now, together.

​CoCreavitalitas is my answer. It's our turn, women. Rise up.  Book an intake interview via the calendar.

From the Medicine Wheel of Thirteen Clan Mothers
*gifts, talents, abilities of the Feminine Principle
*gathered by Jamie Sams (now on the other side)
And Grandmother Twyla of the Seneca Clan (also on the other side)

SHE who gives praise. This clan Mother honours thankfulness as a healing of the heart. She is the keeper of Abundance, the guardian of ceremonies and rituals and thus, the keeper of magic  celebration, living by encouragement! This Clan Mother of December gives praise for needs met prior to the arrival of those needs met!  SHE knows truth is PRAISE!

January: SHE who becomes her vision. This ONE of US,  is the Guardian of both transformation and transmutation! A Guardian of personal history, she tends to the alchemy of that change within and all around.  She serves as a Keeper of the Emergence of Spirit into and through physical form! She knows how to mark these Rites of Passages and becomes that VISION quested and intended.

February: SHE who talks to relations is a Keeper of natural rhythms and cycles.  She is the Language Guardian Of trees, rocks, ancient creature teachers and honours the making of ONE EARTH FAMILY! She honours changes in seasons And the shifts in the rhythms of weather and climates. SHE LISTENS and teaches HOW TO LEARN TRUTH.

March: SHE is the WISDOM KEEPER. The ONE we will each and all become when we walk in these moccasins. She is the Guardian of stones, the archives of sacred traditions, the Mother of Remembering and the Keeper of Unifying principles that all beings may understand one another.  She guides the restoration of friendship In which all is included.  She teaches TRUTH through honouring each ones perspective and listening.



Grandmother, I wholeheartedly thank you for stepping into my life and into this community.  I have seen shifts in myself and in those around me, I still do not really know what shamanism is yet I feel it, I see it, I hear its call. The experience is important, not the label. I used to feel like I was on the right side of the river, compared to the left sided people. And the left side of the river compared to the right sided people. But that would mean I’d have to be two or more places at once. It’s so simple now that I realized that I am standing on the bridge, or maybe in a canoe or on a raft! And better yet, I am not alone on this bridge! So thank you for this deeper knowing that will continue to gestate after you leave here. The birth of a new community has begun!  With wild and crazy stories, I love you!

Dayna Raquel, Deer Woman

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